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COMBICON compact Screw Compact Terminal Blocks PT(A) 1,5/… with a 5.0 mm Pitch

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The terminal blocks of the new PT series have the proven screw connection and highly flexible conductor protection. The practical and compact outer dimensions and the generous clamping space make them particularly versatile. With the 3.5 mm pitch, the PT 1,5 is not only available as a PCB terminal block but also as plug-in version. The plugs of the PT 1,5 family can be coded if desired and can be plugged on the PST 1,3-5,0 pin strip which is also available and reflow-solderable. The two integrated plug-in directions offer maximum flexibility for the end user and reduce inventory and handling by 50 %. Customized labeling of all versions is possible.

COMBICON Select The COMBICON search engine with CAD downloading
COMBICON Select – the printed circuit board connection software supports your workflow from the PCB and housing layout to the ordering process with:
–Systematic and fast selection of products
–Universal Internet aided engineering with extensive
CAD downloading
–Easy-to-use e-shopping functions.


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